About Us

Exterior Outfitters Ltd has been serving the Calgary area since 2015. We were founded by Jason Buchanan who learned the trade for many years with another company and then branched out on his own. Exterior Outfitters strives to provide the most reliable customer service with the highest standards on final installation. Jason has a reputation for finding errors in installation and having his crews start again to get it right. Anyone who tells you errors do no happen on their jobs is simply not telling the truth. The Exterior Outfitters Difference is that when the errors happen, they get corrected. 

One of our goals is to educate everyone we speak to.  There are hundreds of contractors out there (more and more every day in fact!) who do fantastic work and come highly recommended.  We know that we cannot take on every job and there are many great companies out there, but we encourage everyone to do your research on the company that comes to your home (that includes us!). Something as simple as incorrect flashing installation around your chimney can cause thousands of dollars of damage. You aren't just looking at the numbers on a paper quote or email that you are presented with, you are going into business with these people for a period of time on one of your largest investments so it is important to protect yourself!

Our Team

Jason Buchanan

Jason  is our Owner, Operator, CEO and brains behind the operation. It is his pride, competence, technical knowhow, wide levels of experience in construction and general value in developing a strong reputation which has led to the success of the company. He has taken it from his garage to a successful operation that has provided hundreds of satisfied customers with beautiful new looks on their homes. Jason's strengths are in developing lasting relationships, quality control in the field, a vast technical understanding of building codes and regulations, plus he ensures that our installers are taking the best care they can with each project.

When Jason is not dreaming about siding and roofing you can find him spending time with his wife and two young daughters at home, pursuing his love of the outdoors while camping or hitting sweet jumps on his dirtbike.

Jamie joined the team in October of 2020 after Jason had grown Exterior Outfitters enough to know he needed an extra set of hands around. He brings a different skill set to the table. He did spend his summers roofing while completing a bachelors degree at the University of Lethbridge but his passion is business development and operations. With a strong background in customer service and management Jamie is happy to be where he is needed and shares the same vision of high levels of service and professionalism that Jason has built the company on.

When Jamie is not building a new spreadsheet or ensuring materials are ordered and jobs are scheduled you can find him spending time with his wife and teenage daughter, or trying to get out of the city and into the mountains for some camping or quading. Don't tell Jason, but 4 wheels are way better than 2!

Jamie Howard

Company Values

At Exterior Outfitters we spent a lot of time determining what was important to us in terms of a value statement.  We thought about things like Honesty, Integrity, Dependability, Trustworthiness but we decided that those should all be a given and not something that we need to remember, they are everyday traits that we live our lives by regardless.  We dug a little deeper to really find what was important.